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Photography was a self-taught endeavor driven by an innate passion. Tapping on world-renowned photographers for inspiration, knowledge and technique, Jyn13th developed a deepening interest in the observation of the quality of light. This aspect of photography has evolved into his specialization in Light-Writing; and blessed with an education in the Arabic language, Arabic Calligraphy Light-Writing has turned into his forte in photography.


Human beings have come to understand that the Earth was not created in the shape of a coin, but rather, as a spherical mass. This Panoplanet series provides panoramic views of places, distorted to give a three-dimensional sense to a two-dimensional medium. 

These locations represent places of congregation - known for their roles in cultivating a specific form of interest and establishing dynamic grounds for interaction and integration.

Places bring about a special meaning to us; for the memories that they produce and the experiences that they create - mostly in the form of visuals and narratives, triggered by our senses. When a space and a person come together, a certain form of exchange is made. However, more often than we realise, this exchange is also influenced by other elements that exist around the space and time.

What happens then, when the place we thought we knew is actually not what it seems?